Video: Solitaire flees Shell to Sea kayakers action


Five kayakers breached the Solitaire's unilaterally declared 500 metre exclusion zone yesterday evening (Thursday) in a daring offshore action. Despite the presence of Navy warships, Garda water units and private security vessels in Erris waters, the determined fishing boat approached the vessel. The kayakers made directly for the Solitaire, dodging Shell and safety boats, and came within 100 metres of the pipelaying ship which immediately left the area, roughly ten miles off the Mayo Coast. This was the culmination of a day of action against the Solitaire.

Sligo: Public meeting on anarchism


When?: Saturday The 27th of June
Time?Time : 3pm
Where? Lissadell Suite, Sligo City Hotel

The Workers Solidarity Movement is hosting a talk on the financial crisis and other systemic crises faced by global capitalism including the ongoing destruction of the ecological base and the speedy approach of hard resource limits to capitalism's "infinite growth" model, all of which demand an urgent transition to a more sustainable, just and equitable social model.

Boat sunk, local fishermen attacked for opposing Shell


At 2am on Thursday morning, Pat O'Donnell's boat the 'Iona Isle' was boarded by four masked men and sunk out at sea, near where Mr. O'Donnell lays his fishing pots off Erris, North Mayo. Mr. O'Donnell and crewman Martin McDonnell were attacked and held down by some of the men, while others went below deck, where they proceeded to sink the boat. Both local men have been taken to Castlebar General Hospital, where they are recovering.

June Bank Holiday 2009 protest against Shell compund in Erris - video


Over the June Bank Holiday weekend dozens of people traveled from all over Ireland to Erris to join locals in ongoing resistance to Shell's project of imposing an experimental gas pipeline on the local community.

Rossport Camp Gathering bank holiday weekend


Event: Rossport June Bank Holiday gathering
Date: Friday May 29th to Monday June 1st
Location: Glengad, Pollathomais, Erris, Mayo.
Format: Camping, workshops, music.

Blockade at Mountjoy jail as Shell to Sea protester jailed


The long running struggle in Erris (Rossport) against Shell's attempt to impose an experimental gas pipeline on the local community has erupted in recent days with repeated local direct actions against the compound Shell are trying to construct. Meanwhile the state at the behest of Shell continues to press vindictive prosecutions against local activists. Back in March retired school teacher Maura Harrington for jailed for 30 days, today the state returned for another pound of flesh and she was sentenced to another 7-10 days in Mountjoy prison. At very short notice over 20 activists from Dublin Shell to Sea gathered at the prison gates and showed their outrage by blocking the entrance of the prison van containing Maura in to Mountjoy for about twenty minutes.

Struggle against Shell in Erris erupts once more as Solitaire arrives - 2009


The long running struggle in Erris (Rossport) against Shell's attempt to impose an experimental gas pipeline on the local community has once more errupted in recent days with the arrival of the Solitaire to attempt to bring the pipeline to shore. In his article Erris: Community in Struggle against Shell WSM member Sean Mallory details the latest events following the resumption of construction. Here we provide background articles on the struggle and a focus on the events of last Summer and Autumn which culminated in Shell having to halt construction over winter.

Erris: Community in Struggle against Shell - 2009


What has happened in Erris over the past two weeks is unprecedented in the harassment by security forces (both private and state) and the fight back by the community is astounding and inspirational. Sean Mallory having spent time in mayo recently outlines the main events over the past two weeks.

A day of Action has been called by Mayo Shell to Sea. The community after putting up fierce resistance to Shell's attempts to restart work are now asking you to join them in a day of protest. The protest assembles Glengad 18-00hrs on Saturday May 9th for more information see (

Reports from Maura Harrington Mountjoy protests


Maura Harrington of Shell to Sea has been in Mountjoy prison for the last weeks, serving a 30 day sentence for supposadely assaulting a Gardai, WSM members have been taking part in solidarity protests outside the prison. Here we reproduce extracts from the blog of one WSM member who has attended some of these protest.

Scuffles at Mountjoy prison as Maura Harrington brought in


Last evening after the news of the 30 day sentence imposed on 55 year old Shell to Sea protester Maura Harrington filtered through supporters converged on the gates of Mountjoy prison. By the time the van carrying Maura came into view over 30 supporters were waiting at the prison gates, matched by a similar number of Gardai.

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