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Derry's 2010 Mayday march


In what was described as 'quite a respectable turnout' Mayday in Derry  saw over 100 people take part in the Mayday march called by the Derry Trade Union Council.  Those taking part included the DTUC, GMB, UNISON, 3/3 branch, Communities Against Cuts, Anti-Water Tax, IRSP, WSM and Organise!

Mayday in Dublin - going through the motions.


This year May Day fell on a Saturday, meaning that the Dublin march would take place on the day itself. Almost a wash-out (owing to two hours of quite heavy rain right before the demonstration) the march was essentially going through the motions of a Dublin May Day from beginning to end.

Mayday 2010 celebrated in Cork


As once again Cork's mainstream trade unions declined to publicly celebrate the everlasting memorial day to working peoples' struggles worldwide, it falls to Solidarity Books/Workers Solidarity Movement Cork Branch and the Independent Workers Union to mark this most important of days. A day of public talks and a community meal was organised by the local branch of the WSM at Solidarity Books, which complemented excellently the annual May Day march through the city streets this evening organised as usual by the Independent Workers Union.

Castlerea Prison protest for Pat O'Donnell's


50 days and counting into his Shell-imposed imprisonment, Shell to Sea shows support for their hero and friend

Images from the eirigi occupation of the Anglo Irish Bank


Six activists from the left republican group eirigi occupied the premises of the Anglo Irish Bank on Stephen's Green this morning as part of a protest at the more than 30 billion that bank is taking off Irish workers as a result of NAMA.

Shell retreats as solidarity with Pat O'Donnell continues


The week before last Erris fisherman Pat O'Donnell was jailed for seven months for his part in the communities ongoing resistance to Shell's attempt to impose an experimental gas pipeline on them. Across the country local Shell to Sea groups have been holding solidarity protests and other events for Pat. In Dublin this has included two protests and a public meeting in UCD. Meanwhile Shell have been forced to admit a temporary defeat in the face of local opposition and call off the construction they have planned for Glengad this year.

Budget day protests at the Dail


The Dublin Council of Trade Unions called a lunchtime protest for Budget day on Wednesday 9th December to "set down a marker that the fight to reverse government policy to solve the crisis on the backs of the lower paid workers and those on social welfare will continue". This was part of a sequence of protests that went on through the whole day.

Huge numbers of workers march in ICTU Dublin protest


Friday 6th November saw tens of thousands of workers marching in Dublin as ICTU called protests took place in 9 cities across Ireland against the government attempts to make workers pay for the capitalist crisis.

5,000 march for gay rights


Sunday, August 9th saw over 5,000 demonstrators in Dublin take part in a march in support of equal marriage status for gay couples. The ‘March for Marriage’ was organised by lobby group LGBT Noise, and was supported by the LGBT community, heterosexuals, and political groups, including the Workers Solidarity Movement.

Eyewitness account of the Genoa G8 protest


Republished to mark the 10th anniversary of the Genoa G8 summit protest these are the recollections of a WSM member about the days running up to the protest and the main event itself.  Ho took part in one of the Genoa Black Bloc's.  It includes about 50 photos taken in Genoa.

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