Dublin WSM Christmas Party


WSM members celebrate the ending of another year of anarchist activity.

Politicians holidays - Tough at the top


I wonder am I alone in thinking, when presented with a collective picture of career politicians smiling on the steps of the Dail, that the elected members of that house might have difficulty finding their arse with both hands. It is little wonder that the grinning gombeens are smiling like a cats after a bowl of cream. The facts around what our politicians get paid and what they do for that money is a reason for them to grin and us to grimace.

Thats capitalism!


Slaving your life away just so you can make ends meet; having no say in the major decisions that affect your life; criminal politicians and businessmen plundering the country. Try to do something about it and they’ll lock you up. Yes, thats capitalism!

Shell Hath No Fury Like A People Scorned


If the population of Ireland needs any more reason to doubt the word, or integrity, of Royal Dutch Shell, you can pretty much look anywhere on the planet and find plenty to shake your faith in profit driven ‘progess’. This is just a brief round-up of some of the swirling mess that Shell brings where ever it goes. However you are unlikely to see these stories covered in the Irish mainstream media in such a way as to portray the various realities of those that resist such ‘progress.’

That's capitalism - WS92


Various shorts on life under capitalism

State authority - Thinking about Anarchism


Mary Harney has banned the sale of magic mushrooms!! In a decision taken in record-quick time, Harney and her government colleagues decided that they couldn’t have us all going around sampling mind-altering fungi and maybe even enjoying them. More importantly the decision was made that we couldn’t be trusted to decide for ourselves what was safe/unsafe for each of us to try. We need such decisions to be made for us because apparently we are incapable of deciding for ourselves.

That's capitalism - WS90


Ireland now has six euro billionaires, Northern Ireland Assembly has cost taxpayers £78 million, 1,250 barristers and solicitors earn more than €200,000, Bertie Ahern received no less than 5 pay rises in the 6 months

Always question authority


"I think it only makes sense to seek out and identify structures of authority, hierarchy, and domination in every aspect of life, and to challenge them; unless a justification for them can be given, they are illegitimate, and should be dismantled, to increase the scope of human freedom.

Homeless protest


On tuesday the 6th December homeless activists will again attempt to hand in a petition to Bertie Ahern.

Tales from Chiapas And Beyond


A Talk by Ramor Ryan
15th of Nov.
Rm 4050a

Trinity Arts Block

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