November 2007

WS 100: That's Capitalism


Figures published in September by the Revenue Commissioners in the 26 Counties show that the top 50 earners in the state each paid less than 5% tax.

New Canadian anarchist organisation


Anarchism has been growing in support over recent years. Old organisations have grown, new ones have been formed in countries as far apart as South Africa and Argentina, Turkey and Mexico.

The New Era in the North?


While Martin McGuinness was flying off to ‘sell’ the North to American investors with promises of low corporation tax, we are in the midst of wee bit of class war with classroom assistants and posties taking action to defend their interests against ‘the new era’ of the bosses. In the meantime, water charges are still coming through the backdoor by being added to our council rates despite the politicians’ promises made at the last election.

Anarchism and Nationalisation


What should happen to the €51bn gasfield off Rossport? Let Shell keep it and let the fat cats get fatter? Try to make Bertie’s government nationalise it and use the wealth for our benefit?


Cork WRTC Party!


Date: Friday, 30th November

Time: 8:30pm

Location: Victoria Hotel

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