10,000 to guard the Queen and Obama


10,000 soldiers and Gardai will be deployed to protect the queen of England and US president Barrack Obama during their visits in May. Over 20 million euros will be spent by the state on the visits.

It is estimated that the Irish state will be paying interest of upwards of 11 billion euros on loans taken out to pay bondholders in the failed irish banking system and government debt.  The Irish government is cutting back on wages, welfare and public spending on hospitals and education.  One of the highlights of the royal visit will be a grand banquet in Dublin Castle on May 18th. Here the great and the good of Irish society will wine and dine in grand style with the queen.

This is a fitting commentary on the current state of affairs in this country, where many families are having trouble putting food on the table, indeed  hundreds queue for food parcels every week in Dublin. No invite for them however.