11 initial reactions to the election of Trump


Our inital reaction once it became clear that Trump was going to carry the electoral college vote.  These 11 points were sent out via the WSM Twitter.

1. Reacting to Trump - part of pattern with Brexit - revolt against established neoliberal order led by reactionary super wealthy

2. Need to organise for massive transformation. Massive in numbers, massive in geographical spread, massive in scope.

3. There isn't option to just focus on local escape from neoliberal capitalism as the level of destruction & hate reaches everywhere Trump

4. Trump beat Clinton because Clinton didn't represent any form of hope for many & so hate was attractive enough for majority of voters

5. That Trump victory of hate has happened in a lot of other places for the same reason - neoliberalism offers nothing to most

6. As with Brexit the immediate question of Trump is how to limit the impact of victory of hate on those targeted, particularly migrants

7. Brexit also warns us that Trump will see immediate rise in racist attacks & far right gaining confidence & trying to organize

8. So there are short term tasks as well as the essential long term requirement to build a global revolutionary alternative to hate

9. Trump victory speech shows even he is fearful of what he unleashed with his rhetoric of hate on campaign - space for far-right opens

10. Majority of workers voted against Trump as did majority of union members - white supremacy got him elected as white workers voted for

11. At the intersection of race and class for every Black women who voted for Trump 23 voted against him - thats an extraordinary diff