57% Non-Payment not looking good for Irish Water


Despite all the deadlines, threats and promises, government propaganda and hostile newspaper articles the non payment figure as of July 17th is a massive 57%. Hopefully this will encourage some of those who paid out of fear to join the boycott for the second bill.

Bear in mind:
-There are no non-payment penalties until July 2016.
-Those penalties are fairly small. (€30 for a single adult household and €60 for a multi-adult household).
-There can be no court ordered income deductions (through attachment orders) until 2017.
-If the government wanted infrastructure investment, why didn't they put 3 billion euros into that? Instead they set up Irish Water.
If you pay now, the charges will be here forever. If you don't, we have a very good chance of beating them. If the charges are established, they will rise sharply and eventually be privatised, leading to further charge increases and little or no infrastructure investment.

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