60,000 people to be forced on super exploitative jobs scam schemes


Over 60,000 people are to be forced on super exploitative jobs scam schemes by the government. The programme, which has been dubbed as a scam by many, has been outsourced to two privately run recruitment firms. Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar plans to refer 60,000 unemployed to the privately-run Jobs scam scheme in order to force those most hard-pressed by government cuts to be a cheap labour force for business'. This project is indicative of the way State Capitalist society works-how the State and Capitalist business reinforce each other in a symbiotic relationship.

These plans come at a time when unemployment is at its lowest since the beginning of the crash(although these figures are greatly aided by the emigration of thousands of people abroad). The aim of this project is too provide effectively slave labour for companies so they can maximise their accumulation of private profit into the hands of the likes of Denis OBriens and the Michael OLeary's of the world, while at the same time forcing those in already dire economic situations into low paid work, with no hope to better themselves or for further education.

This is exactly the same trend we see across the world in capitalist society, especially since the worldwide economic crisis

Any humane society would guarantee adequate returns for ones work so the individual could provide decent housing, clothing, food for theme-selves and have recreational time to spend with family & friends.