About Us

Radio Solidarity is show produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement and broadcast on NEARFM in Dublin. The aim of this show is to cover a range of issues and struggles that don’t get covered in the media.
We do not pretend to be unbiased. We actively engage in politics and struggles to bring about change in society. We hope to cover some of the issues which we think are live at the moment in Irish society. We engage in those struggles and talk to others who are actively attempting to bring about change.
Each show concentrates on a theme; we explore that theme through a series of interviews and discussions on the issues raised. It is all well and good having a vision of the world that we want, but we have to engage in the world that we are in, to bring about the society that we want. Radio Solidarity brings you news from the frontlines of those who are active in the struggle for that new world.
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/radiosolidarity