What is Solidarity Times


A trailer for our new Facebook page for people in Ireland that provides coverage of struggles here. 

Anything of interest to an international audience is also posted to the WSM Facebook page so if you are outside Ireland you should just follow that one at http://www.facebook.com/WorkersSolidarityMovement

Solidarity Times is a radical publishing project by a team of unpaid volunteers from the WSM.  We aim to provide coverage of struggles in Ireland and to create radical analysis of political, economic and social life here.

Very often we will be reporting from our own direct experience as activists and drawing on the networks of people we work with.  This means that our reporters will not only be first at the scene. They will also provide the sort of understanding and context that the vast majority of professional journalists either do not understand or are not allowed to publish in mass media shaped by the state or by the wealthiest 1%.

  • The outlook you can expect to find in our reports is shaped by the following principles:
  • We want to amplify the voices of those in struggle and of those who are often silenced because they are marginalised.
  • We want to live in a free society without the division into leaders and led, order givers and order takers, bosses and workers.
  • We are opposed to oppression.  This means not only are we consciously against racism, sexism, homophobia but we will also try to guard against allowing those ideas which shape society also unconsciously shaping our coverage.
  • We want to see inclusive communities organising to take control of decisions about how their neighbourhoods are run.
  • We want to see workers organise to take control not only of their unions but of their workplaces.
  • We are alarmed by the environmental crises capitalism is plunging us into, crises that threaten the very existence of the majority of us that share this planet, and want to create an ecologically sustainable society.
  • We are for the free movement of people regardless of border and against the economic division of the world into wealthy imperialist countries that seek to control, manipulate and even invade and occupy the rest of the world.
  • We are non electoral which means we will never call for a vote for a political or political party although we may advocate a vote in referendums.
  • We encourage all forms of grassroots organisation that advances some or all of these principles.

So if you want to free the media, be the media!


Note - we are using the above as a working draft for a future real world discussion and decision making process that will finalise it.  We'd be interested in hearing your feedback, suggestions etc