Anarchism & the Chinese Revolution - video and audio


A 60 minute recording of a talk and discussion on the Chinese revolution and the Chinese anarchist movement. It's available here as google video, mp4 and mp3 formats, the first two are preferred as the viewer will then be able to see the images referenced during the talk. The talk covers the period from the 1840's to the victory of the CCP in 1949.


The talk was recorded at a Dublin Workers Solidarity Movement meeting at the end of August, there is about 35 minutes of talk and then 25 minutes of questions, discussion and response.

With the m4a file if you put this on an iPod or similar device you will be able to see the images mentioned in the talk on your screen if I've set it up right! I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who tries this as to whether it worked (post a comment here).

m4a format - 17mb
mp3 format - 17mb


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