Cork: Ireland Can't Afford Capitalism - Why We Need A Revolution


A public talk and discussion will be hosted by the Cork branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement at 8 p.m. on June 29th at the Victoria Hotel, Patrick St., Cork.

Speakers from the Workers Solidarity Movement will explain how capitalism has always cost the people of Ireland dearly - not just in terms of recent bailouts for banks, big business and the rich, but also through inadequate or privatised public services, social division, involuntary economic exile, environmental degradation, and imposed squalor. These costs are borne by the working class of this country.

The speakers will point out that the only real alternative to the continuing one-sided class war, prosecuted by the capitalist class upon the majority, is a social revolution both here and internationally. A socio-economic alternative that allows people to democratically control their own economic lives in a federated system of equitable cooperation with others.

This would mean putting economic decisions into the hands of the people rather than a governmental, corporate, or banking elite. It means direct collective ownership of production through workplace democracy and allocation through the democratic planning and interaction of a network of production and consumption councils.

An open discussion of the headline topics will follow. Food and drinks will be served and book and pamphlets will be available. All interested members of the public are very welcome.