Anarchist Youth call it a day Dec. 2005 - Dec. 2006.


Just before Christmas, Anarchist Youth decided unanimously to formally disband. All remaining members have or are in the process of joining the Workers Solidarity Movement. We felt we wanted to be part of a larger organisation with a better organisational structure, more of a support base and better resources.

Anarchist Youth was formed in December 2005 after an initiative from a number of teenage anarchists who felt an anarchist youth group was needed in Ireland. The group successfully helped bridge the perceived gap between older anarchists and new comers to anarchism who can sometimes be intimidated, which was one of our original plans.

At its height Anarchist Youth had an active membership of around 15 with an outer group of around 30 friends and semi-active members. The group helped bring a lot of young people into contact with anarchism and successfully helped existing anarchist to mature their politics and have the experience of being involved in a political group.

Thanks to all the groups and individuals who helped us over the last exciting year. Highlights included March 18th, Baldonnel, Trips to Rossport, Mayday in Belfast, Talking down in Galway and playing the WSM at soccer.

We look forward to getting involved with the rapidly growing Workers Solidarity Movement.

(A short video documenting AY's last year will hopefully be finished in the next month)