An Anti-Abortion "Healthcare" Clinic Opening in Belfast


Could you really trust someone who claims to be "Pro-Life" when their concern for you is only there when you are in the womb?

An anti-choice clinic is due to open in Belfast City Centre tomorrow, the 13th of October. The Stanton Clinic has as its vision "to close the doors of Marie Stopes" - Marie Stopes which, alongside the NHS, performs abortions when they fit the very restrictive legal criteria, along with other sexual health services.

Those who run the Stanton Clinic believe that there is never any case in which abortion is necessary to save the life of the mother - an outright lie which could cost someone their life.

The Stanton Clinic has been warmly welcomed by the anti-choice group, Precious Life.

Precious Life is a group that is meant to have a deep reverence for life yet they are yet to make an appearance at any anti-austerity protests. They are yet to stand outside Stormont harassing politicians for cuts to child benefits the way they harass people entering the Marie Stopes Clinic or the Family Planning Association.

They are yet to support any LGBT+ Pride marches.

Last year during the height of the slaughter in Gaza they did not join us in protesting against actual murder; rather they remained outside the Marie Stopes Clinic around the corner from the protest.

Globally, 47,000 women a year die as a result of abortion bans - abortion bans that Precious Life support, still they call themselves "pro-life".

They have the nerve to claim that there is never any case where abortion would save a mother's life; they reiterate this point as we approach the anniversary of Savita Halappanavar's tragic death, in which she was murdered at the hands of the state's abortion ban.

The clinic will not be welcomed by those of us who trust pregnant people with deciding what happens to their body.

It will not be welcomed by those of us who truly revere life.

WORDS: Fionnghuala Nic Roibeaird