Successful anti-household tax meeting in Shankill Co. Dublin

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Between 30 and 40 people attended a Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes (CAHWT) public meeting in Shankill, South Dublin on Thursday 2nd February. The meeting was chaired by Richard Boyd Barrett (People Before Profit/ULA TD) and was addressed by Cllr. Hugh Lewis (People Before Profit) and Gregor Kerr (Workers Solidarity Movement).

Hugh outlined the political arguments against the household tax, arguing that it was unfair and immoral and that the tax should be opposed by refusing to register and refusing to pay.

Both speakers stressed that the tax would only be defeated by the building of a mass campaign that involved hundreds of thousands of people in standing together, saying ‘We Won’t Register’ and building a campaign based on grassroots democracy and controlled from below by its members.

Speakers from the floor agreed on the need to build such a campaign and were heartened to hear reports of the huge meetings that have been taking place around the country.

A good proportion of the attendance took away bundles of newsletters for distribution among their friends, workmates and neighbours. Several people volunteered to become local convenors/organisers of the campaign and 9 memberships were sold.

All in all this was a very successful meeting and along with the meeting already held in Bakers Corner ( puts the campaign in the greater Dun Laoghaire area on a sound footing. This will be strengthened even further over the next week as meetings take place in

-The Punch Bowl, Booterstown - Monday 6th February
-Loughlinstown Community Rooms - Wednesday 8th February
-Graduate Pub - Monday 13th February

(all at 7:30p.m.)