Anti-racism campaign on the streets

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Over the past few months, members of the Anti-Racism Campaign (ARC) have been involved in a number of public activities aimed at highlighting and promoting the anti-racist message.

In December, approximately 30 people protested outside the offices of Independent Newspapers in reaction to a series of racist articles in the Irish Independent and Evening Herald.

Also in December, 40 people placed a picket on the constituency clinic of Fianna Fáil TD Ivor Callely in response to a statement issued by him in which he called for "rogue asylum seekers" to be "kicked out of Ireland". The picket drew a very favourable response from passers-by.

The ARC drama group put on a piece of street theatre to coincide with an anti-deportation leafletting session.

The city centre was postered with anti-deportation posters.

Members of the Anti Racism Campaign also supported protests against threatened deportations organised by both Amnesty International and the Anti Nazi League.

In coming months the campaign will be stepping up its public activities and will be organising to prevent threatened deportations.