Audio - Anti-fascism in the age of Trump: A panel of US anarchists speak in Dublin


Nazis, white-supremacists, “Identitarians”, and other fascists are organising, becoming more emboldened to attack members of our communities and spread hate speech online, in the media and on our streets. In the US, the election of Donald Trump has been heralded as a victory by right-wing reactionaries and racists around the world. [Audio]

The establishment of “Identitarian” and “Alt-right” fascism and has given a new veneer to islamophobia, anti-queer and misogyny attracting young people to the ranks of the fascist right.

This is being met with militant grassroots resistance at every turn.

This audio is edited from a public meeting in Dublin in August 2017 featuring a panel of US anarchists, some who had travelled to Ireland, others who have been living here.  They talk about fascism and its relationship to Trumpism, the shape of resistance, the tactics and organisation of the Anti-Fascist movement, and structural white-supremacy, supported and embedded in the institutions of the state.