The Barricade Inn - squatted social centre in Dublin - video ad

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Right in the centre of Dublin city a new squatted anarchist social centre is up and running and open to all. It's in a reclaimed building at 77 Parnell St that was formerly Nearys hotel, which had been left unused for many years, abandoned and left to slowly fall to ruin.

Opened and operated by a dedicated, hard-working collective, The Barricade Inn takes over from where the, now sadly lamented, Seomra Spraoi left off, as a hub of radical action and politics, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, radical debate and an anarchist critique of society.

Squatting is a political tactic that challenges the notion of private property, and it keeps costs down allowing groups to run events for free and donations going to help groups who need it and the social centre instead of being paid to a landlord.

Currently opening to the public Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-9pm and Saturdays from 12-4 it contains a vegan cafe (just on Saturdays for now), the Bad Books Infoshop and library, bike workshop (Tyred and Cranky Bikes), a gig space, free shop, computer room, cinema/event room, arts and crafts room and meeting rooms.

Check out the website at and like The Barricade Inn on facebook.

Come down and check the place out and if you think you can help out talk to people there about getting involved, more volunteers are always welcome and needed.

WORDS: John Roche VIDEO: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )