Become a WSM supporter


After some months of preparation the Workers Solidarity Movement is launching our supporter program. We started working on this after debate at our Spring conference around the fact that there are many people who broadly agree with our political positions and the organising we do but for one reason or another are not yet looking to become members. We decided to launch our Supporter program so that such people could have ongoing formal relationship with the WSM that would involve some participation in internal discussion, helping us out financially and working with us in areas of activity they have a particular interest in when they have time. With members we expect a commitment to a minimum level of such activity, but we are not expecting the same from supporters rather we hope they will help us out when they are able.

If this appeals to you then please contact us about becoming a supporter using the contact us form or by talking to any of our members about this. We will then ask you to commit to a regular monthly donation of 5 or 20 or 50 euro depending on your ability, talk to your about what sort of activity your interested in and give you some access to our internal online and real world discussions.

And of course if your interested in committing to membership please do ask us about joining via the Join the WSM form.