Belfast - Fighting The Cuts And The Anarchist Alternative public meeting - Press Release


‘We need to build a united militant campaign against the cuts being imposed by London and their lackeys at Stormont’(Sean Matthews)

Class struggle anarchist organisation, Workers Solidarity Movement will be organising a public meeting against the cuts and the anarchist alternative at 2pm in the Na Croisbhealaí workers co-operative, 48 King Street, Belfast this Saturday 28th January at 2pm.

‘The recent liberation of the former Bank of Ireland building in Belfast has demonstrated anarchist ideas of direct action, solidarity and self-management. A new society can only be created if we do it ourselves, if we take back what belongs to all of us including our unions as no politician will do it for us.’ said Sean Matthews, a member of Workers Solidarity Movement

‘We have also heard that twenty six thousand jobs will be lost from the public sector in the next five years. We currently have a youth unemployment rate that has increased by 155% in the past five years, so that now over 20% of young people are out of work. This, along with the imminent increase in tuition fees, amounts to nothing less than the destruction of the future of our young people,’ he continued.

'Building a campaign of resistance to the cuts will not be easy as the task of working for the recent public sector strike has shown. To do so we need to begin to organise workers and the unemployed in a real and meaningful way at the coalface, as well as those currently out of work, to become involved in discussing, agreeing on and organising the tactics necessary to build resistance,' added Mr. Matthews

The main speaker at the meeting, Andrew Flood will be focusing on the politics of anarchism, the wider occupy movement and the campaign in the Republic to oppose the household charge and the lessons that should be drawn from it for our own struggles.

Public Meeting: Saturday 28th January 2p.m., Na Croisbhealaí workers co-operative, 48 King Street, Belfast