Belfast rallies in solidarity with demand to Repeal the 8th


Belfast stood in solidarity with our sisters and comrades in the south as they took to the streets in Dublin and elsewhere to protest for a Repeal of the hated 8th Amendment.  A tiny contingent of protesters from Precious Life turned up to counter the demo and continued with the recent tradition of being massively outnumbered in Belfast.

While the battle to repeal the 8th has been ongoing for years, it is now truly beginning to heat up with a referendum due to be held this summer. The anti-choicers are beginning to panic as they become more anxious that they will lose control over our bodies.

This solidarity action took place in Belfast at the same time outside City Hall, which was been organised by Alliance for Choice.  

We are at a crucial point in this struggle. Our confidence is growing, more and more people are talking about abortion to friends, co-workers, and family members. Opinions are starting to change, and soon enough laws will too, but only if we keep the pressure on and continue in our efforts to change things for good.