70 blockade Shell compound during day of Solidarity


Seventy campaigners from all around Ireland this morning blockaded Shell's Aghoos compound in Erris, Co. Mayo. The 7am protest is intended to demonstrate support for the local community whose lives are being increasingly disrupted by Shell's haulage and construction works.  Last week Shell began hauling materials along this road in convoys (usually 4 or 5 large trucks together) in order to setup the Glengad compound. The convoys have so far all been heavily escorted by Gardaí, usually with 2 Garda cars infront and 2 behind along with another Garda van bringing up the rear. The roads are extremely unsuitable for this haulage but Shell and the Gardaí seem intent on trying to use brute force to get Shell's job done.

Last Friday 40 members of the local community met to plan their resistance to Shell's haulage operations. The following Sunday a large group of local residents removed all of the haulage road signs from the scenic road which runs from Aghoos Church to Glengad in the parish of Kilcommon.

Spokesperson for Rossport Solidarity Camp, Róisín Ní Fhaoláin said, "Since Shell started the construction of the Glengad compound two weeks ago the area has been under siege - all road users have been forced to yield to Shell. Whenever convoy of lorries use the road the Gardaí have cleared the way for them by pushing people off the road, holding them down until the convoy passes. This has happened while people are trying to go about their daily business.

It's great to see so many people here to show support. The recent community action that removed Shell's haulage road signs between Aghoos and Glengad inspired alot of us. To have the haulage stopped and to have the freedom to move about the area is a huge relief".

WORDS & PICTURE: Rossport Solidarity Camp