Carrigtwohill lights the road for refugee solidarity


There are many, many inspiring solidarity actions happening across Ireland at the moment. We've been following in particular the spontaneous formation of X to Calais groups around the county, modelled on the Cork to Calais one.

Before the government had indicated any intention to act these groups were formed in cities, towns and villages right across the country in order to collect needed supplies, form convoys and drive them to the migrant camps across Europe starting with the inspiring site of consistent self organised resistance at Calais.

In the space of a few weeks a network of groups has sprung up, contacted each other and began the complex logistical tasks of organising direct solidarity with those the governments sought to criminalise.

We spotted the photos above on the Carrigtwohill to Calais refugee solidarity appeal page this morning. Carrigtohill is a small town in Cork with a population a little over 6000 people. Yesterday they "sent 5 Vans and 2 Horse Boxes full of donations"

On their page they thanked "hundreds of men, women and children who have called in to the Carrigtwohill Community Centre over the past two days and donated Clothes, Toiletries, First Aid, Financial Aid. To Annette Lane for providing us with the Community Centre. To All the men and Nuala Healy that provided the transport over the past two days. To all the volunteers who came to the Community Centre to help out over the past two days. To O Brien Butchers and Thai Irish who provided the food to keep the volunteers fed over the past two days. "

WORDS: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )