Co. Clare mobilises for the March for Choice - interviews from Ennistymon

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We caught up with abortion rights activists in Clare as they held a public information stall in Ennistymon, they will be running buses to the Sept 30th March for Choice in Dublin. [Video]

We’re here today from the Abortion Rights Campaign Clare branch.
We’ve been doing stalls around the county every month or so we are a new enough group that set up. We’ve got a lot of interest so far. The support from people has been brilliant.
We’re organising a bus from Ennis, through Limerick and Nenagh on up to Dublin for the march on the 30th of September
It’s the closest we’ve got to a referendum, it's going to be early next year. We’re campaigning for full abortion rights for women and we want a referendum that will include the Citizen Assembly recommendations.
Women need to get full abortion rights in this country. And we want as many people to give choice to women and to understand that women need choices in their own bodies and their own lives and its not up to anybody else.
An older man in his seventies came up to the stall, he walked up and he said. "Oh I’m in Ennis to see Padre Peo’s relics". They were in for the day, and I kinda thought, ooh I don’t know how this is going to go...
The next thing he said was “the priest, the priest ruined it. He ruined the whole thing for me because during the sermon the only thing he talked about was girls and getting abortions, and that was none of his business, none at all."
It was pretty amazing because he was literally the last person you’d expect. That was amazing.


The March for Choice takes place 30th Sept in Dublin