Community Anger Against Household Tax at meeting in Cabra


A lively and energetic meeting took place in the local community hall in the Dunard estate in Dublin 7 on Wednesday night.  The meeting was addressed by Councillor Cieran Perry and local resident and campaigner Dermot Sreenan about the upcoming Household Tax and the campaign against it.

Again it was re-iterated that it is important that people do not register or pay for this unfair and unjust tax.  The relatively low amount of €100 is only there as a bait to entice people to register for what will become the database for imposing both a property tax, and a water tax to follow.   There was confusion around the issue with residents picking up bits of pieces of information through the various threats being made by this Government through RTE other media.  But what you could not mistake was the sheer level of anger expressed by the residents at this tax.  Everyone in the room recognises that this money is not going to go towards local services, but will be used to pay off the loans of the bankers and speculators who've brought the economy to its knees.

As one resident said ‘If I lose at bingo I can’t go off and get someone else to cover my losses.’  The injustice of this tax was also recently expressed by the largest Trade Union in the Country, SIPTU stating that this flat tax was unfair.  Enda Kenny responded in his usual manner with some guff about “there is nothing free in this World anymore.”   The people who appear to be getting off free are the very ones who brought about this mess and saddled us with these debts.  The governments stated that this household charge “must stay as a condition to the troika bailout” and then go on in the same breath to say that this money will be used for local services.  What kind of fools do they take us for?

The Troikas’ condition that the household tax to be imposed is logical for their point of view.  They wish to see large scale privatisation of former public services.  This is an opportunity for the fat cats who should’ve lost something in the crash (except we’re picking up the tab) to set up companies to charge us for services like water supply in the future.  This is not something we haven’t witnessed before.  Look at how the Greyhound Company just received the contracts to pick up the rubbish for Dublin city and are now pressing people to pay for what used to be a public service.  This is just another template for creating profits.

They can be stopped.  We have the numbers on our side.

Don’t Register

Don’t Pay

Spread the word because it will only be stopped by everyone standing together on this.