Cork Solidarity Vigil for the Slain Freedom Flotilla Activists, 1st June 2010.


Between 6p.m. and 8p.m. Monday evening a dozen or more of the city's Palestine solidarity activists held a vigil on Patrick St. To remember the 19 people slain when Israeli commandos wantonly attacked the Freedom Flotilla on its way to Gaza to break the illegal blockade imposed by Israel and deliver much-needed humanitarian aid. This evening's vigil followed a well-attended static protest against Israel's murderous attack on the international aid convoy at Daunt Sq. this afternoon. The people at that protest went on to briefly picket the main supermarkets in the city centre to persuade shoppers to boycott Israeli produce and force that murderous rogue state to respect human rights and desist from their oppression of Palestinians and end the occupation of their land.

The vigil this evening mostly consisted of a 'die-in' on the footpath of Patrick St., followed by brief speechers from local solidarity activists Caroline and Kate. Caroline spoke of people's shock at the events of the last two days, of remembering those who have died in Palestine in the struggle to end the occupation and the toll the siege and military assaults of Gaza has taken on that vulnerable population, most notably children. She also spoke of how Israel's actions yesterday and today have further undermined that state's legitimacy among the community of nations and how its survival in its current form and posture is now much less probable. Kate spoke of the response of the Irish government to the kidnap and sequestering of its country's citizens (including Cork's own Dr. Fintan Lane) and said that the Taoiseach Brian Cowen's threat of serious consequences for future relations between Ireland and Israel should the latter engage in the same wanton aggression against the Irish-registered MV Rachel Corrie or otherwise harm Irish citizens was a welcome development. As a final act, outlines of nineteen bodies were lightly painted onto the pavement of Patrick St. to symbolise those brave aid convoy members whose lives were cruelly taken in that premeditated slaughter by Israel's so-called 'Defence Forces'(sic.). The vigil will continue for the rest of the week at 6p.m. each evening on Patrick St. unless developing circumstances require further public action.