Defending the Amazon, Defending Life Video & Audio from the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair


You can now view the video of the Defending the Amazon defending life from the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair 


At this sessions Andrés Sacanambuy discussed the extractive economy in Putumayo, the ramifications of recent Free Trade agreements and the ongoing defence of the Amazon rainforest as a vital pillar for the whole planet and as a source of hope and life for future generations.

Andrés Sacanambuy is a representative of the Regional Front of Social Organisations of Putumayo, Baja Bota Caucana and Cofanía Jardines de Sucumbíos de Ipiales Nariño, a regional network of over 50 peasant, indigenous, workers, women and youth associations.

Edited by Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )



Defending the Amazon, defending life - the extractive economy in Putumayo - talk at DABF2015 by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud