Demonstrations in Spain as Police Crack Down on Anarchist Movement


Demonstrations took place overnight across the Spanish state against the series of police raids targeting the anarchist movement. The Barcelona demonstration of 2000 people was led by a banner proclaiming "If you touch one; you touch all".

Demands include "Freedom for those arrested for struggling", "Down with prison walls" and "Social war against the state of capital".

Media reports say that the raids took place in 15 locations in Barcelona, Sabadell, Manresa and Madrid and that 11 have been arrested. The usual excuse is given, 'terrorism', but the same reports reveal that all that the raids have discovered are "computers, mobile phones and notebooks found during searches"

One commentator said that "Starting early morning a 400-riot-cop task force has been raiding various houses and anarchist social centers confiscating mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices; and arresting people. Centers 'Kasa de la Muntanya', the 'Ateneu Llibertari Sant Andreu' and the 'Ateneu Poble Sec' were raided. The mainstream media and the government are talking about "anarchist terrorism", as if we haven't heard that before. We all know who the terrorists are. Protests are planned over the coming days, and already started this morning by activists blockading various points in the city."

At least 3 further arrests were made of demonstrators last night in Madrid.

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