Dub: 1% Network open meeting

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The 1% Network will be holding an open meeting to discuss and organise the walking tour around the heartland of the golden circle. If you want to help publicise the tour and are interested in hearing more about the 1% Network then come along to Seomra Spraoi at 7.30pm, Thursday 9th September.

The tour itself takes place on the 9th October and will take in the private mansions, corporate headquarters, secret meeting spots and private banks of the 1% who own 34% of the wealth.

The 1% network is a coalition of socialist groups which has come together to oppose the cutback agenda of the government and to promote a socialist alternative to the current socio-economic system. The name of the coalition was chosen to highlight the fact that just 1% of the population control in excess of 34% of the wealth of the nation. Organisations within the coalition include:
  • éirígí
  • Irish Socialist Network
  • Revolutionary Anarcha-Feminist Group
  • Seomra Spraoi
  • Workers Solidarity Movement
Follow the 1% Network on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=143661105666744
Seomra Spraoi is at 10 Belvidere Court, Dublin 1
Directions: Walk north along Gardiner St, past Mountjoy Square and turn right at the next laneway(Belvidere Court). Seomra Spraoi is about halfway down the lane on the right hand side(number ten).