Dublin: In a globalised world does imperialism still matter? - Rethinking Revolution 4


Does it exist today? Did it ever exist? Or does it not matter because we all suffer under capitalism. In this discussion Finbar Dwyer looks at imperialism and whether its a useful way to look at society and oppression in 21st century. May 19th at 18.30 in Seomra Sprao

iRethinking revolution is a series of discussions in Dublin about the core ideas those of us who want revolutionary change think we have in common and so too often neglect to discuss. The discussions will be kicked off by an opinionated presentation of one or more approaches on these questions with the purpose of drawing all present into a discussion that we hope will continue long after the meeting. The talks are organised by the Outreach group of the WSM and inspired by those arguments we keep having in the kitchen at parties. Join our Facebook group to keep you updated as the program develops.

The discussions will happen on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month in Seomra Spraoi. Semora Spraoi is an activist run 'social center' and is located at 10 Belvidere Court, Dublin 1, for directions see below. The discussions will start at 6.30 sharp as Seomra Kitchen has a 'People's Kitchen' every Wednesday from 7.30 (so afterwards you can get a tasty meal and continue the discussion.)