Fascists Get the Boot


In October, Anti-Fascist Action successfully prevented a large European neo-nazi gig from going ahead in Kerry. Dozens of Slovakian, Polish and Czech neo-nazis were planning to spend a long weekend in Ireland to celebrate the birthday of a leading fascist living in Dublin who’s originally from Prague. AFA managed to stop the gig from taking place and even had the pleasure of bumping into a few of the Blood & Honour fascists in Dublin.A couple of months earlier, a small self-styled neo-nazi skinhead gang was behind a number of racist assaults in the Temple Bar area. In response, anti-fascists from various groups mobilised and leafleted the area a number of times - talking to local shop workers and teenagers who congregate in the vicinity.

As a direct result, the boneheads have stopped hanging out in Temple Bar and harassing passers-by. We have also built new relationships with local shops that have pledged their support to further anti-fascist work.

WSM members will continue oppose the growth of fascist groups in our cities and communities. To read about the WSM’s policy on resisting fascism, please log onto www.wsm.ie/story/841.

From Workers Solidarity 112 November - December 2009

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