Fury in Turkey over miner's deaths - Statement by Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet


We are relaying yesterday's statement from our comrades in Turkey's Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet (Revolutionary Anarchist Action) on the mining catastrophe in Soma, the AKP and state corruption behind it and the police repression of protestors in Turkey's major cities.


Our sorrow is the seed of our rage.

The fire that appeared in the coal mine in Manisa-Soma on 13th of May, became one of the biggest massacres in these lands. With the fire, hundreds of coal miners were poisoned by intensive carbon monoxide. The number of the workers who had been died, increased hours by hours. Minister of energy, minister of labour and prime misinter tried to hide the real number of the miners who had been died while declaring that “it was a sad work accident”. The prime minister declared that “These kind of accidents could happen anytime.”

While thousands of people were waiting near the mine and trying to get news for their relatives who were in the coal mine, the ambulances, funeral vehicles, cold storage vehicles showed the seriousness of the massacre. The number of the dead miners increased; 78, 151, 245, 282…

The number is still being increased. The ones, who are responsible for this massacre, are trying to legitimate the “deads” by saying “this is destiny”. There are protests whole around the geography. People are in the streets claiming that it is not destiny nor accident, it is a massacre
of state and companies.

On 14th May, police attacked the people who protest the creators of this massacre. State and its armed forces thought they can prevent this anger with plastic bullets, tear gasses or gas bombs. But the ones who are in the streets shout together: “Murderer state.”

State officials and bosses of the energy companies are claiming that they are mourning. But they are the murderers who forced the people work hundreds of meters far from the surface for gaining money to live. They are the muderers who forced people to work in such condititions where dead is inevitable.

We hold the sorrow of the ones who were murdered in the mines by capitalists and state. We are in the street with the anger against these murderers. We are not mourning, this is rebel. Our sorrow is the seed of our anger!

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