Grassroots Gathering 4 - A sun kissed weekend in Limerick

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The fourth Grassroots Gathering happened at University of Limerick on the St. Patrick's bank holiday weekend. It was a glorious weekend of weather and once again I came away from the experience of meeting fellow activists with renewed vigour for the struggle. The Grassroots Network has succeeded in creating a space for non-hierarchical libertarian groups and individuals to gather and share information and conduct workshops on various tactics used.

Saturday consisted of various workshops, including ones on Palestine, Gender, Non-violent direct action, Protesters v police, and what to do when you get arrested (Keep stum).

The next day was taken up with some feedback on the Gathering and on the child of the Gathering known as GNAW (Grassroots Network Against the War). Then in the afternoon the meeting turned contentious as a number of proposals were discussed and amended in a short space of time. This was necessary to attempt to get the GNAW functioning officially in a delegate based manner. I think that a general lack of organisation and time constraints made this the most difficult part of the weekend. It was also not the best way to end the Gathering. People stayed on planned forthcoming actions against the war.

Once again thanks to the people in Limerick who hosted activists from all over the island, provided some wonderful food and put up with us. The next Grassroots Gathering will take place in June in Dublin. Watch this space for details.


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This edition is No75 published in March 2003