Greek Neo-nazis murder anti-fascist hip-hop artist


Last night, just after midnight a cowardly attack by over 15 members of Golden Dawn resulted in the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, an anti-fascist, left militant and hip-hop artist also known by his rap name Killah P.

Athens which is already in the grip of a public sector general strike, is in turmoil with Greek anti-fascists vowing vengence. Despite the murderer, reportedly a member of Golden Dawn, being arrested at the scene, knife in hand, the Greek neo-nazi party denied any involvement in what was clearly a pre-meditated ambush by a paramilitary uniformed mob.

Demonstrating strikers have already been pushed back from Golden Dawn headquarters in Athens and anti-fascists have called national mobilisations for 18 hrs this evening, local time. 

This outrage is only the latest event in an escalating catalogue of violent provocations from the GD who have the electoral support of over 50% of the Greek police force who routinely witness their attacks without intervening, as they did last night during Pavlos' murder. The state that invented the "strategy of tension" back under the dictatorship of the Colonels in the 1970s is once again using fascist goon violence to create an atmosphere of social crisis and virtual civil war in order to distract from the troika-backed economic programme of destruction. Current opinion poll ratings show that if there was an election tomorrow the current Neo Dimokratia and PASOK coalition would be swept aside and replaced by a majority for the anti-troika Syriza party. With no alternative to the Frankfurt-dictated programme of austerity that is devasting the lives of Greek workers, neo-nazi violence is being used to attack and disrupt opposition and resistance to troika-rule.

Solidarity with Greek anti-fascists and resistance to troika austerity!

No Pasaran!

Pavlos Fyssas, Presente!