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Anarchism is a very simple idea -basically society should be organised in a non-hierarchical way, it should not be divided into order-givers and order-takers. We don't need bosses, politicians, bishops or anybody else to tell us how to live our lives. Anarchists look to a society which will be based on the idea of "from each according to ability, to each according to need".

We want to bring about a society based on real grassroots democracy where power remains at local level and is organised upwards through workplace and community councils.

We do not want to become rulers nor do we want to seize power "on behalf of the working class". We have no interest in replacing one set of bosses with another. Instead we work for a free socialist society where everyone can have a direct say in making the decisions that will effect them.

This society will only be brought about through revolution! There is an old anarchist slogan which says that if elections changed anything they would be illegal. The thinking behind it is that real democratic change cannot come from the top down but must be built from the bottom up. Instead of voting in elections and effectively giving someone else control of our lives, we stand for direct action and solidarity among and between workers.

The Workers Solidarity Movement are involved many struggles to both win improvements in the here and now, and to build up working class self-confidence. We do stuff with people - not for them. We are in the unions, in the continuing campaign to reclaim the Old Head of Kinsale from the mega-rich and restore public access, with other abortion rights advocates in the preparations for pro-choice events this Autumn. We produce this paper (Workers Solidarity) 6 times a year and distribute 6,000 of each issue.

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Over the next year we hope that a couple of dozen people will become supporters of this paper. In that case we will be able to expand production to 8 issues a year each with a print run of 8,000. Help us, fill in the form below and become a supporter today.

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This edition is No76 published in August 2003