Household Tax Campaign welcomed by County Mayo locals - Campaign Grows in Mayo


As part of the National Day of Action activists from various towns and villages across Co.Mayo gathered in Castlebar on Saturday to host an information stall in the county town center. The mood from passers by was one of defiance and fear. The vast majority of people stated the had not registered and do not wish to do so.

However, it is obvious that the government's shameful intimidation campaign is seriously frightening the older population. As pensioners already pushed to the pin of their collars the feeling is that they do not wish for confrontation but abhor the idea of paying this unjust and highly unfair stealth tax. The positive message was that most people were delighted that the CAHAWT was active and growing in the FG heartland of Mayo.

Thousand of leaflets were handed out to individuals who were happy to take them. The local community activists who gave up their valuable time to participate in the action felt that there had been an overwhelming positive response from ordinary people. The writer has only one negative comment form a well heeled woman who claimed proudly she had registered and paid, when I asked her why, she stated that “we are getting wonderful services for this charge”, I could only smile back and say “well, there's always 1%” - I don't think she got it!

Frank Ryan