Five Things You Can do to Set up Your Own Anti-Water Charges Campaign Group


1) Online Presence

A first step is to set up a local Facebook page. This can be used as a focal point for information about the group, and a way of raising awareness that the group exists. A group Twitter account is optional but not as important. Also set up a group email account.

2) Plan a Public Meeting
This could be a meeting for your street or for your estate, or a larger meeting for the wider area.

3) Find a venue. 
Think of any local community centres, sports clubs, pubs, or even an outdoor space (as some people have done). Ask attendees for small donations if you need to cover the cost.

4) Speakers.
Try to get a couple of speakers to speak for a few minutes at the beginning. Organisers from other local campaigns will be happy to speak, as will trade union and political activists, and even anti water charge politicians.

5) Publicity.
The next step is advertising the meeting. This can be done several ways: leaflets and posters, door-knocking, a Facebook ad, and word of mouth.

Hand out leaflets in key areas like shopping centres, and put up posters in areas of high traffic. Ask local shops and businesses if they will display some leaflets. Knock on doors of local people to tell them about the meeting and give them a leaflet (slow but effective). Post on the Facebook page advertising the meeting, and 'boost' that post as an advertisement for greater visibility (costs a few quid). Tell everyone you know to spread the word about the meeting. Maybe try to get a mention in the local newspaper or radio station.

Check out our FAQ here for more information on the water charges

This article is from the WSM mini newspaper Defeating the Water Charges