IDF release video showing passengers trying to beat off pirates


The Israeli military have released a video which claims to show heroic passengers attempting to beat back the IDF pirates that are boarding their ship in order to hijack it. Although of course that is not the spin that the IDF put on it.
It is shot from a helicopter or drone above the ship and claims to show 3 or 4 of the pirate commandos being attacked as they board the ship by passengers ‘armed’ with what appears to be random material (including what looks like a 5m pole) they have picked up from the deck. Two thrown objects are labelled as ‘stun grenades’ (some sort of firework?) and ‘fire bomb’. The later label is particularly unconvincing as there are no apparent flames when it lands.

Tellingly despite early IDF claims that the passengers defended themselves with guns they had taken off the first pirates to board none are labelled in this short 1 minute video. Raw footage from the ship suggests the actual massacre lasted for almost 10 minutes with gunshots continuing to be heard long after the ships captain has announced that they have hung out a white flag.

If the IDF think this video will justify their massacre of as many as 20 international peace campaigners and the wounding of as many as 50 more they have lost all sense of perspective. Hollywood has made films out of passengers taking on attempted plane hijackers in a similar fashion. If this is the best propaganda the IDF can produce a dozen hours after seizing all the video and image recording devices that were on the ship it only serves to expose just how brutal the Israeli assault was. We can presume that right now the IDF will be erasing any recorded evidence that portrays their bloody assault for what it was. Certainly with this video the deaths and wounding of as many as 70 passengers was not felt worth labelling by the IDF.

Protests at the massacre are now taking place all over the world. In Ireland alone we have now heard of the following protests taking place or due to take place.
Dublin - The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) has called a march on the Israeli Embassy this evening gathering at the Spire on O'Connell street at 6pm.
In Cork Corcaigh Palaistín have called a protest for Daunt square at 1pm today.
Galway protest at 6pm @ the Liam Mellows Statue, Eyre Square.
Sligo - Protest vigil for Palestine & murdered freedom flotilla passengers at GPO in Sligo 6pm today (IPSC) Contact Gerry Casey @ 087 9301 625 for more info.
Belfast - 4pm on Monday 31st May at the CITY HALL BELFAST,
Monaghan Town - Courthouse, today, Monday, @5pm
Castlebar (Market Square) at 6pm