Minister of justice once again refuses to release Brendan Lillis


David Ford, Minister of Department for Injustice has once again refused to release long suffering prisoner Brendan Lillis on compassionate grounds to receive proper medical attention. Roisin Lynch, partner of Brendan, and representatives from Sinn Fein and SDLP met with the minister today to lobby for his release but have been rejected once again, despite a ground swell of popular support, protests and rallies.

Irish News reporter Allison Morris visited Brendan in Maghaberry prison and wrote in today’s paper ‘Pictures have been released in recent weeks showing him in an emaciated state…the reality is much more shocking.’ She describes what she witnessed ‘From the waist down Lillis’s legs are withered and wasted, his thighs and calves completely emanciated, like those of a long-term coma victim.’

This is a shocking portrait of a prisoner, a human being who has been lying in his cell bed for over 600 days for an alleged crime which he is alleged unfit to stand for. As his partner Roisin Lynch referred to at a recent public meeting ‘even a dog would not be left to die in this way’ which is a legacy of a prison system which rests on brutality and repression and a status quo which has once again proven it is incapable of delivering justice and human rights to working class people.  Not that anarchists have had any faith in our so- called liberal democracy.

Despite the devolution of policing and justice powers to Stormont little has changed on the ground and tragically Brendan’s case is an example of this. There maybe a change in the name, uniform and badge but the very system remains reformable and rotten to its core and the only justice we receive is when it is fought for.

As anarchists say ’No Justice No Peace!'

Phone David Ford office on 02890763000 to show your disgust at his behaviour.