The Internet


WSM policy on using the internet including the editing of this website. Last updated May 2010


The Internet


1. Use of the internet has grown at a phenomenal pace over the past number of years. As a tool for communication, propaganda, information sharing and decision making it presents us with huge opportunities.

2. While determined to exploit the full potential of the internet, we recognise that its development has been uneven. Even in the Western economies, there is a social imbalance in regard to those who do and do not have access to the net. Nevertheless the Internet is - and will continue to develop as - a very important tool.

3. Inside the WSM

Use of the Internet will be developed in a number of ways as an internal organisational tool.

a) Communication/Information sharing:-

(i) All members will be given an account on the WSM web site so that they can view and contribute to internal discussion on the web site.

(ii) The internet should not be used for confidential communication unless encrypted.

(iii) It must be remembered that even where people have access to internet , this does not imply immediate access. Where a communication requires an urgent response, it should also be made by phone where possible.

(iv) All WSM sub-groups will maintain an Organisation thread(s) on the WSM site for their working group through which all members can make suggestions and follow the progress of that group.

4. The Internet as a Propaganda/Education Tool

Work will continue on developing the WSM website and related sites. This work will be co-ordinated by the Internet Working Group. This group will also will train interested members in developing internet related skills

5. Using the Internet for Decision making

The Internet Working Group will look into the technical aspects on creating a mechanism for online referendums on the internal web site. Once this is available it will submit a motion to conference to define how this can be used.

6. Given that one of the functions of the Internal Website is to be our journal of record, it is necessary that contributions be understandable to members who may consult it in future years. Therefore, descriptions must be clear, eg. texts of talks should state who gave them and to what audience. Dublin branch reports should be clearly identified as coming from Dublin, care should be taken with spelling (at least to the point where meaning is clear), etc.

A hard copy of all internal bulletins will be printed and stored

7. The technical development of the WSM site will be carried out by an Internet administration group. National Conference can decide to subsidise the broadband connection of members of the Internet Admin group