Interview with Dublin anarchist bookfair organiser


The first Dublin anarchist bookfair is being held by the WSM in St Nicholas of Myra Hall in the heart of the Liberties, just off Francis Street on March 3rd and 4th. We interviewed Dermot, one of the organisers of the bookfair.


1. How come the Anarchist bookfair is in the Liberties

I came across the hall was when I was living in the Tenters and I was involved with organising the local anti-bin tax campaign. We had a meeting in Scholars pub and followed that up with a meeting in Carmen's hall - where we invited the TD's and Councillors. None came except a man who worked for the city manager and he berated us for not paying our bills. The Liberties has a proud tradition of working class people standing up for themselves and that struggle was a little extension to that history.

The hall itself is a great resource and there is fantastic work carried out there by John Gallagher and his many helpers. It provides a great space for the community.

2. What sort of stalls can people expect to find there?

There will be loads of stalls selling books around self-organisation, historical struggles, and the eternal quest for liberty. These are books that aren't sold in the bigger bookshops because they contain dangerous ideas about fighting back and changing our lives for the better.

There will be stalls with information about current struggles (such as Rossport / Shell to Sea) and around other initatives such as Seomra Spraoi. Also there will be a free shop - where you bring something you no longer need and pick up something that you like.

3. Are there going to be meetings as well?

Yes there are going to be three meetings - one on Republicanism, one on Social Space and one on the general ideas of the those who call themselves Anarchists. The range of speakers includes local activists, visitors from England and Canada and a former republican prisoner.

4. Any other events that people can expect

Revolt Video - will be running a room full days worth of underground films on Saturday. On Friday evening there will be a folk gig - and a screening of a never before seen documentary on the Miners Strike (1984) in Britain.

There will also be workshops thoughout the day on Saturday covering various campaigns and causes from the Environment to Woman's rights.

5. Who are you hoping to attract to the events

Well it's an event open to the public, we are hoping that people will pop in during the day, pick up a program of events and go to the things that they are attracted or interested in. I think that this event also provides a perfect opportunity to come along and meet with others who are actively involved in trying to make the world a better place.

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Interview is being published in 'The Libertarian' a WSM produced anarchist newletter for the Liberties and Portobello