Issues of Workers Solidarity from 1995: WS #44-46


Incomplete index of 1995 articles (not al are online)


Workers Solidarity No 44 Spring 1995

Democratic Left's Disposable Radicalism
It was easy to predict that DL would jump into bed with almost anyone who would give them a ministerial car. After all they believe in the division of society into rulers and ruled, you won't catch Rabitte or Gilmore calling for the workplaces to be turned over to the workers.

Competition or Con

Ireland is the 19th most competitive country in the world. This was the finding released in September by the Geneva based World Economic Forum. Yet workers in TEAM, Irish Steel, the ESB, and a lot more jobs are told that they must accept lower pay and/or worse conditions in order to "become competitive".

Anti-Traveller Thuggery on Increase

Over the past year, there has been a series of physical attacks on Travellers in different parts of the country. Travellers were attacked in Glenamaddy in New Ross, Wicklow and Bantry.

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics
Never forget that we won the last referenda on abortion rights! Anti-abortion campaigners such as Des Hanafin and SPUC have been trying to rewrite history by claiming that they won, and that the country had voted against abortion.

Trusting the Politicians
THERE IS ABSOLUTELY no doubt that voices will be heard telling anti-charges campaigners to trust one gang or another of politicians to abolish the charges if only we will wait until the next local elections and put them into control of the councils.

No Room at the Refuge
An Eastern Health Board report published in December 1994, shows a huge increase in the number of homeless people put up in Bed and Breakfast accommodation by the Health Board.

At 4 am on Wednesday December 6th the first attempts to disconnect water were made. Water inspectors who arrived in estates in Clondalkin, Lucan and Tallaght found, however, that campaign activists were well-organised and that mobile patrols were in place to prevent disconnections.

Wexford Strike Declared Illegal

WORKERS AT Nolans Transport in New Ross have been told their strike is illegal. They have been in dispute since February 1993 for better pay, better conditions and union recognition. Now they could be jailed if they continue to picket.

A New Loyalist Party?

David Ervine of the UVF linked Progressive Unionist Party, Gusty Spence and Gary McMichael of the UDA's Ulster Democratic Party are all talking about is a new working class loyalist political party. There is much talk of how the ordinary working class Protestant has gained nothing from the old loyalism, of poor housing and the lack of respect shown to them by the "fur coat brigade".

Time to Stop Beating the Orange Drum

Orange sectarianism is not without a material base, and it is not some sort of frightened reaction to militant republicanism. Unless we understand the basis for sectarianism we will not be able to uproot it. When Protestant workers accept loyalist values they are joining an alliance with their bosses.

Child Molesters & Churchmen

When the case of Father Brendan Smyth, the paedophile priest, came out, the whole country was revolted. Here was an unrepentant child molester, carrying out sexual assaults on hundreds of children over a period of forty years, with the full knowledge of the Catholic Church.

This is Not SIPTU

The Central Organisation of Swedish Workers (SAC) is a union which describes itself as syndicalist and libertarian socialist.

Into the 21st Century

Anarchism on the internet

Interview: International organisation

The I.W.A.was formed at the 1922 Berlin Congress of Revolutionary Unionist organisations. This congress had been convoked by the CNT and USI in response to the formation of the Red Trade Union International

Nigeria: Raids on Anarchist Meetings
The Awareness League in Nigeria is to become the first African section of the IWA. Readers of Workers Solidarity will remember the League from the reports of the jailing of four of its members by the state for opposing the military coup there.

Moldavia: Anarchists Allowed to Leave

Over the last few years Workers Solidarity has responded to appeals launched on behalf of two Moldavian anarcho-syndicalists, Igor and Tamara.

UN Report

Snippets of the 1994 UN Human Development Report. Poor poorer, rich richer, war machine could heal sick, feed the hungry, quench the thirsty.

Asian unions check out anarchism

Discussions have begun between anarchists and two Asian trade unions, the National Garment Workers Federation in Bangladesh and the GEFONT trade union federation of Nepal.

"Anarchism" in Russian and Arabic

Daniel Guerin's book "Anarchism" has been translated in Russian and Arabic for the first time.

The Need for an Anarchist Organisation

Why is it that so many anarchists don't see the need to join anarchist organisations?

Solidarity with Young and Unemployed

Workers Solidarity No 45 1995

Freedom of choice
The Censorship of Abortion Information Act, 1995
Roadblocks on the Information Super-highway
The anarchist origins of May Day
Government schemes to hammer unemployed
Handouts or Rights?
Some people are doing all right
Why 1,000,000 died
Anarchism and Religion
Perks Before People, DL Endorse Water Cut-Offs
Obituary : George Woodcock
Irish Building workers ripped off in Germany
Strike victory at Dublin store
Trinity College SIPTU
The Italian Job

Workers Solidarity No 46 Summer 1995

Stand up for Travellers Rights

THE PROTESTS against the housing of a Traveller family in Farnagh near Moate were racist. The organisers deny this but then go on to say that their main objection is that they "were not consulted" by the Council about rehousing the family of Alice and Joe Joyce. Do these same people expect to be "consulted" everytime a settled family is given a house? Of course not.

Who are the Travellers?

ARE TRAVELLERS a distinct "ethnic" group with their own traditions and customs? Very few people want to accept that they are. This reflects the widespread racism towards them, a racism which insists on seeing them as "failed settled people". They are seen as "problems" rather than a people who have been denied even the most basic rights.

One year on: Evaluating the Ceasefire

The IRA CEASEFIRE is approaching its first anniversary. That year has been striking for two things, on the one hand the success of the 'peace process' in turning Sinn Féin from demonised pariahs to lauded peace makers. On the other hand, the failure of the process to produce any substantial gains for the nationalist community.

Troops out : Prisoners out
Dump the politicians off your backs
Neither Orange nor Green
Have I got news for you?
Can we take on the multinationals?
Stripping the mystery from the money markets
International campaign wins stay of execution for US black activist
Review: The Spanish CNT and the struggle in Puerto Real
New threat of cut-offs
We all want early retirement