Justice: It Concerns Us All!


As the relatives of those murdered and injured on Bloody Sunday gathered this week to launch this year's commemorative events, anarchists in the city echoed their call by encouraging everyone interested in standing up for human rights and social justice to support the annual 'march for justice' which will take place on Sunday 2nd February.

This year marks the 42nd anniversary of Bloody Sunday which unfolded on the streets of Derry back in January 30th 1972. In order to teach an unruly population a lesson in power and control, the State ordered an elite commando unit of the Parachute Regiment into Derry's Bogside, fresh from a similar venture on the streets of West Belfast's Ballymurphy, in an attempt to prevent a peaceful anti-internment march from reaching the city centre. In the scenes that followed, paratroopers murdered 14 innocent unarmed civilians and wounded a further 26. Each year the March for Justice retraces the steps of the original march from the Creggan to the Bogside for a rally, which gives voice to many other justice campaigns.

This year's planned events include the London community activist Stafford Scott who will give an insight into the context and alarming events surrounding the killing of Mark Duggan in Tottenham, London in 2011 and give his reaction into the verdict of 'Lawful Killing' made by the Royal Courts of Justice.

There will also be a number of public discussions on the experiences of current campaigns in search of lessons and insights that help us resist the outrages of the present and build a future without injustice. They are said to include representatives from Shell To Sea and the Belfast Not for Shale, as well as a number of other campaigns.

The Workers Solidarity Movement continues to stand in solidarity with the Bloody Sunday families who continues to struggle for justice to this day. We support and encourage all to attend this year's 'March for Justice' on Sunday 2nd February, to stand with all who defy state terror and exercise the right to protest wherever they maybe.

For a full list of movies, exhibitions and debates please go to the Bloody Sunday 'March for Justice website

Bloody Sunday March for Justice 2014 Programme

Bloody Sunday in Derry - Origins & Consequences of a Massacre: http://a.mx.jackwhite.vm.bytemark.co.uk/c/bloody-sunday-derry-causes-consequences-massacre-1972