The Libertarian - issue 2



Issue 2 of the WSM newsletter for the Liberties and Portobello.

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The Liberties -then and now – same as it ever was
‘The Liberties’ gets its name from a number of areas which were outside the medieval walls of Dublin City. This doesn’t mean that they were somehow free - it just means that instead of being under the city’s jurisdiction they were ruled by a different group of masters. The Archbishop of Dublin was the boss of one section, the Earl of Meath was in charge of another, and so on. These men of wealth and power taxed the areas they controlled and made money from them but didn’t really care about anyone who lived there.

The Afghan Hunger strike and immigration in Ireland
The Afghan hunger strike brought into sharp focus the new Ireland into which our country has been transforming over the last 10 years. Our booming economy and relatively high wage levels have drawn many thousands of immigrants into the country in search of a better life here. Much as the Irish once looked to America for the promise of a happier future, so many people from less well off countries now look to Ireland. 

Asylum Seekers blamed by the rich and lying politicans
Over the past fifteen years those in power made a lot of promises. They promised a country in which everybody would benefit from the economy, one in which poverty and other problems would be left behind. As usual they lied. -

Facts about Asylum Seekers in Ireland
We answer the myths about Asylum Seekers in Ireland -

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