6th March for Choice 30 Sept - march with the anarchist bloc


The 6th annual March for Choice takes place September 30th in Dublin and once more we are bringing together an anarchist bloc for the march - join us on the day.

It's going to be an important march as the government have promised a referendum next year but have not yet announced a date or indeed what we will actually be allowed to vote on.  There is a real danger that rather than a vote to delete the 8th Amendment they will seek to replace it with text that would still seek to deny bodily autonomy and allow abortion access in very restricted circumstances.  Some 12 people a day are forced to travel to access abortion and more use pills at home under the theoretical threat of a 14 year jail term, the danger is that many of these people would still be unable to access abortion and pregnant people would continue to find the 8th amendment denied them control in their own pregnancy.

We will be meeting up at the march start point at 1.30 at Parnell SQ, just look out for the Red & Black flags. Before this 13.00 we are having a meetup in our center at Jigsaw which is nearby at 10 Belvedere Court (the red X above and to the right of Start Route One on the map below), before heading down together. If you are on Facebook join our Anarchists on the 2017 March for Choice event and help us build by asking your friends at https://www.facebook.com/events/1920359291621922


The March is bring organised by the Abortion Rights Campaign who say

"The theme of our March this year is Time to Act!

The Citizens’ Assembly report shows us the Irish people are pro-choice. We are ready for change.

The movement to repeal the 8th Amendment from the Irish constitution has gone from strength to strength. In March, Strike4Repeal saw thousands of people occupy O’Connell Bridge, and march on the Dail in the evening, with countless more on the streets in cities around Ireland and abroad, showing that the issue of abortion rights is not going away.

This year we have learned of young children sectioned under the Mental Health Act for seeking abortions, of suicidal women denied access to the abortion they’re entitled to under the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act because their doctor doesn’t think they’re “suicidal enough”.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland women continue to be prosecuted for procuring their own abortions, even though the push to decriminalise abortion is growing in the rest of the UK.

We need full repeal of the 8th Amendment in the Republic of Ireland, and proper legislation in Northern Ireland. We need access to free, safe and legal abortion for all who need or want it. And we need it now.

We have waited too long. We have been patient for too long. We are tired of waiting.

We need to act. Our government needs to act. And YOU need to act!

Join us on September 30th to make your pro-choice voice heard, this is your last chance before a referendum is called.

It’s Repeal O’Clock. It’s Time to Act!"

ARC FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/257070751427136/