Get to Mayo to help stop Shell stripping peat


The struggle against Shell's experiemental gas pipeline at Rossport has stepped up a gear as Shell have reached the most vunerable state of the tunnelling section of their project.  They have started to remove peat from the site where the tunnel is to start, to suceed in this they will have to have as many as 427 truck movements per day along the narrow rural roads.  There is obviously great potential to disrupt, slow down and halt this work so Dublin Shell to Sea are appealing for anyone who can travel to Mayo to go to the camp now.  Note you don't have to be willing to actually block trucks to be useful as people willing to help prepare meals or do washing up will be helping by freeing up other to carry out other tasks.  The camp understands that not everyone is in a position to risk arrest.

Dublin Shell to Sea call out follows

Peat haulage began Wedensday (16th Nov) in Mayo. This is the process where Shell removes the peat from the site where they are planning on starting to drill to place the onshore section of the pipeline. They are preparing to construct the pipeline section which will run through the local community.

In order to do this they will have to remove huge volumes of peat from their compound site in the village of Aughoose. This will involve up to 427 truck movements a day along the road.

If you have any spare time now is the time that people are needed in Mayo. You can stay on the Rossport Solidarity Camp (see: for more details).

If you travelling to Mayo from Dublin, especially if you are travelling by car and have room for others, please email Dublin Shell to Sea at to let us know. We will try to coordinate transport for ppl going down where possible.

The bus and train timetables are attached.

More information will follow.

Please help us to get the word out by forwarding this to your friends or contacts, putting it up on Facebook and forwarding it anyway other way you know how to!

Thank you,

Dublin Shell to Sea