Migration State Racism and Anti Racism Organising - video of panel at DABF 2015


The Dublin anarchist bookfair panel on migration, state racism and anti-racist, migrant self organising.

Looking at issues faced by migrant activists involved in left-wing politics including the NGOization and electoralization of the migrant justice movement; confronting nationalism and white privilege within campaigns and the particular types of exploitation and oppression faced by different communities of working class migrants. Also discussing migrant self-organising, as in the Kinsale Road occupation, and strategies for making single-issue campaigns more inclusive of anti-racism organising.

Anne - Anti Racism Network
Eoghan - Gay Irish Traveller, ITM & Pavee Point
Abi - student and immigrant
Farah - 2nd generation migrant from Iran
Luke - Anti-Racism Network
Lucky - Kinsale Road Asylum Center resident