Need Abortion Ireland launched to provide practical help to people who need to access abortion


A new campaign has today (April 7th) been launched which aims to provide practical help to people who need to access abortion and pro-choice reproductive healthcare.

The initiative, Need Abortion Ireland, comes in the wake of a woman being handed a three month suspended sentence for two years in the North for having an abortion in her home, something which would have been legal had she been able to afford an abortion in England.

While both the Southern and Northern states continue to make criminals out of women and other pregnant people who make the choice best for their reproductive health groups like Need Abortion Ireland in conjunction with Women Help Women and Women On Web are truly invaluable to those who the state neglects.

In a press release they said:
"We now know it is not sufficient that women die in order for the state to repeal its abortion law. We now know that the State North and South will isolate, prosecute and torture vulnerable people irrelevant of public opinion. When confronted with such an attack on our health and on our lives, endless political debates are not enough, action is needed.
Faced with a State that refuses to provide for the healthcare of women, we must facilitate access to this healthcare ourselves and provide the conditions for people to practice this care. Medical abortion is a unique example of this, as it is healthcare which can be practiced easily and safely at home, with a 2 day course of medication. will support women in accessing abortion pills in Ireland through Women Help Women. We provide practical help in accessing pro choice healthcare, a live text support service between 6pm to 9pm everyday, and care packages to make people’s experience of abortion as comfortable as possible.
Until the law acknowledges our rights, we and others will continue to break it to facilitate a duty of care to those living in Ireland.