Nurses strike to defend health system & demand pay parity begins


This morning saw pickets being placed on hospitals all over the country as nurses and midwives strike against low pay. Pay now so low relative to rent and house prices that its impossible for many to find decent accommodation in the major cities on what they take home.
In that sense the strike has a direct importance to all workers. The Nurses strike is also essential to countering the right wing ideology that low corporate tax rates are more essential than good public services & housing. That ideology has ruled us for decades with all parties in power imposing it and is unchallenged in the media.
RTE Morning Ireland yesterday went so far as to refer to the strike as "the damage scheduled for Wednesday" - a refusal to recognise that the chronic short staffing levels are down to successive governments low wages for workers allow low taxes for multinationals policy.

The INMO posted yesterday "Nurses and midwives are going on strike for only the second time in 100 years. They are standing up for patients and fair pay.

If you're near a picket from 8am-4pm tomorrow, drop by and show your support.
Full list of pickets here
**Political support very welcome, but we're asking people not to bring party political banners, flags or publications.**"
You can sign the INMO support petition at

Photos from the picket lines this morning at Temple Street and the Rotunda.