Obituary for Manchester anarchist Bob Miller

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It was with great sadness that the WSM learned of the news of the passing of Bob Miller on June 17. Bob was a member of the Anarchist Federation and a comrade from Manchester, England. Many of us got to know Bob since after he visited Mayo in 2006 spending a week in Rossport supporting the Shell to Sea campaign. Since then Bob and his partner Sally have attended several Anarchist Bookfairs in Dublin and many members of the WSM had the priveldge to get to know Bob as a friend. 

Bob came to Ireland almost every year since in an effort to build links between the WSM and the Anarchist Federation. Over the decades a distance had grown between the WSM and anarchist organisations in Britain particularly the organisation Bob's was a member of - The Anarchist Federation. However through Bob's efforts a closer relationship has developed.

As an Anarchist Bob was an unflinching critic of Trade Union hierarchies always involved in workplace organising but also many other campaigns through the Anarchist Federation in Britain. Most recently Bob campaigned successfully campaigned against the deportation of a student from Iraq.

Outside his political activism Bob worked as a teacher and if the facebook page set up in his memory is anything to go by he was deeply popular amongst his students. No doubt Bob's passion for building a better world transferred into his role as a teacher. Indeed at Mayday rally in Manchester Bob gave this moving speech outlined the difficulties his students faced if they were asylum seekers

Bob Miller was a committed anarchist and a great person to know. His belief in a better world was inspiring and unbending. He is sorely missed. Bob Miller RIP

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